PT. Mega Perkakas Indonesia, or MPI abbreviated, is a supplier company that focuses on material building and industrial cleaning. MPI supplies a variety of products from padlocks to machinery cleaning products. We are a trusted distributor for brands such as; Yale, Master Lock, Ametek, SABER, Reion+, etc.

On August 2018, our company was created by Bimo Gupono alongside Yusuf Darwoto. MPI was found in Jakarta, Indonesia, since most of our customers are based here as well. As a supplier company, we sell our products in large quantities. Thus, our target market is mainly B2B that seek the amenity of our products. However, our products are also available for individual purchases through our online store.We aim to have a universal audience in the hopes of receiving diverse opinions and feedback.

Our establishment thrives on providing high-quality products that are affordable to our customers. Some of our routine consumers include; Wika Realty, Pangansari Utama, Bali Tower, Vale Indonesia and CocaCola Amatil PNG. In the market place, MPI wishes to be viewed as a trusted and sustainable partner that provides efficiency and security.


Our vision is to provide customers with a safe, comfortable, and convenient environment through our products.


  • To continuously maintain products of the highest quality with the best sustaining prices.
  • To acquire a quick response to customers and to provide them withhelp when needed while displayingagood attitude.
  • To always be punctual with our delivery and develop long-lasting supportive business relations.

The vision of the company is MPI’s long-term goal while our mission is the hands-on plan. To ensure that the vision and mission of the company are followed and achieved, MPI will keep updating the ways of our company tofit society’s current trends and necessities accurately. By doing so, our company will keep improving and be well-monitored.